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American Tribal Style® Festival in Zagreb, Croatia

October 6, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - October 8, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

Zagreb ATS® Festival will take place from 6th till 8th of October 2017 in the capital of Croatia, city of Zagreb.

The festival was created with the aim of providing quality education for dancers of all levels, through workshops held by renowned, certified teachers of ATS®, members of FCBD® sister studios.

We wanted to create an event that would become a place for the dancers to unite through a dance style that we all love and live.

Gala Show scheduled for October 6th, 2017, the first day of the festival, will become a perfect venue for the dancers to promote their talent, their dance troupes and dance studios.

The main concept behind ZAF is connecting and strengthening of ATS® community in the region.

We hope that this first ATS® festival will be a cornerstone of what is to become a long lasting dance tradition.

Maria Fomina
Barbara Oshun Giannantoni
Agata Zakrzewska

Workshop 1 – “Dramatic Slow”
Let the music move you! Play with unexpected turns and drops, incredible floor work, beautiful diagonal line and zills in the chorus!

Workshop 2 – “New colors”
Devi Mamak and Jenifer Nolan are well known for their creative formations, as well as the new moves that are included in the official vocabulary and ATS ® Training DVD Vol. 9 Anatomy of a step. Performances of Ghawazee Caravan and Tamarind Tribal are rich with their special variations and choreography ideas. We will look through the evolution of some of the moves from the classical to the modern and the movement dialect. Find lots of inspiration, open your mind and color your performance with the new colors!

Workshop 1 – “Trios, Diagonals and Shell Games”
“3 is a magic number”… Let’s see how magical it can be also in ATS®! We’ll learn how to perform smooth transitions to and from a diagonal formation and which slow movements are the most effective in it. Then we will make flourish our circles with specific fast steps, and we’ll add some sparkles with Trio Passings and Shell Games, improving orientation coordination and communication. Let’s play with all the trios possibilities!

Workshop 2 – “Dueling Duets Concept”
Duet is the core unit of ATS®, and there are beautiful movements and passings to perform when in a duet. But what if we connect two duets, dancing together, one towards each other, interacting and differently responding to mutual motion? Double beauty, double unity, double fun! That’s the Dueling Duet concept! We’ll explore this four-dimensional space, starting from simple and slow interchanges, moving to fast and gradually more complex and crowded reciprocal interactio

Workshop 1 – ATS® ‘Flamenco Flavour’
Flamenco feeling in ATS® means: a beautiful posture, flamenco arms, floreos, the specific energy of the movements. This workshop will focus on flamenco-inspired technique in ATS® Classic, Modern and Movement Dialect. Agata is very passionate about flamenco roots of ATS® and will offer you many interesting tips and exercises for better posture, body stylization, arms and hands. We will also learn several flamenco-inspired steps.
This workshop is very useful for people who are interested in dancing with flamenco-inspired props – or for anyone who wants to expand their ATS® technique.

Workshop 2 – ATS® Movement Dialect with Fan and Manton
This workshop is an introduction to flamenco-inspired props in ATS® improvisation. Agata is a co-founder of The Siren Project, a dance company dedicated to exploring and creating flamenco-inspired movement dialect with flamenco fan and mantón. Flamenco mantón (shawl) is a very dynamic prop, always certain to enchant the audience. Flamenco fan is a beautiful, mysterious and feminine prop that will inspire you to explore your arm work in detail.
We will get the hang of using these props, learning some slow steps and combinations with fan and some fast steps with mantón. Steps will include Devi Mamak’s creations and some of The Siren Project’s own inventions. We will practice all steps in combos and try to use them in groups.
Please bring: a flamenco fan (32cm or smaller; it has to be easy to open), a big square shawl (size approximately 115x115cm) – doesn’t have to be a professional mantón.
Note: flamenco fan and shawl / mantón are included in the price of the workshop!

★GALA SHOW “ATS® Roots”★
The Show will take place at KUC Travno, Božidara Magovca 17,
at 20:00 h.


Workshop registration will be open from July 3rd 2017 on http://www.zagrebatsfestival.com

Tickets for the Show will be available for online purchase from July 3rd 2017 on http://www.zagrebatsfestival.com

Performance registration will be open on July 3rd 2017 and closed on September 10th 2017. Please note that only applicants with at least 3 years of dance experience in American Tribal Style® and Tribal Fusion belly dance, along with confirmed workshop registration will be taken into consideration.
You can find application form on http://www.zagrebatsfestival.com

<3 Wake up the fusion in you, be a part of the tribe!<3

ZAF Team



October 6, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
October 8, 2017 @ 8:00 pm


Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia


Alapadma studio